Website Application Security and the CVE

Websites are powered by web applications which often contain known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE’s).  Website application security has traditionally focused on Identifying these problems and then attempting to remediate them to prevent exploitation.  Because CVE’s are public information, identifying the problem has been very easy for both the web application security professionals as well as the “black hat” community.  Exploiting them is frighteningly easy.  Fixing or protecting them is the problem.

The Traditional Approach Does Not Adequately Protect Web Applications

The approach website application security professionals have adopted is to deploy a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block undesired traffic and this will typically protect 10% to 30% (sometimes as much as 50% if well managed) of the CVE’s, but this still leaves the organization exposed and vulnerable.  For the remaining vulnerabilities, so far the answer has been to re-code the application.  This is expensive and time consuming typically requiring 4 to 6 months.  Even then, it is not always possible to do and the organization remains exposed.

An Industry-Leading Website Application Security Solution

Compliant Legal Solutions, LLC, is now able to offer its clients an industry-leading solution that does not require a single line of code to be changed on the website.  We provide a fully managed web application security service that can be deployed rapidly and is capable of achieving 100% effective protection.  We offer complimentary hygiene assessments of any organization’s website.  No cost passed along to you,  Using publicly available information we provide a simple way to begin evaluating a website’s security and potential exposures.  If the site is exposed and vulnerable we then demonstrate how easy it is to protect it…and fast.

Contact Us and we will be happy to schedule a demonstration.  We are here to help you.