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Our goal is to assist you in addressing your privacy compliance needs.  Whether you prefer to work with us in person or remotely, we can help you design a compliance protocol and systematically implement and maintain it.  Let us help you get compliant today!

Risk Assessment

Conducting a Risk Assessment is the first step in identifying potential privacy breaches so that you can implement security standards for the protection of your PHI that are compliant with the HIPAA Security Rule.  Our platform assists in this process, providing a full-featured Risk Assessment module.

We also provide an on-line risk assessment tool to get you started, which your are encouraged to use at no cost.

Employee Training

Our system will automatically track your employee training needs and systematically push training to each employee on a predetermined schedule, track completion and provide you with a log so that you can demonstrate training compliance over time.   Prefer one or more live training sessions?  No problem, our compliance experts will be happy assist you.

Vendor Tracker

Your Vendors that handle PHI represent a potential risk.  Your business or practice is required to execute Business Associate Agreements with all entities that handle your PHI.  Our system tracks each and every one of your vendors, automating the process of issuing the BAA to your vendors and tracking those that return the signed agreement.  It also gives you the power to set an automated schedule to maintain a current BAA with each vendor and provide documentation of your compliance efforts.

Policies & Procedures

Your practice or business is at risk without targeted written Policies and Procedures, which are necessary to regulate how your employees will handle PHI.  Our subject matter experts have broken down both HIPAA and HITECH and distilled their requirements into 19 model policies and 19 model procedures.  On your own or with our help, these documents can be modified to meet your organization’s unique needs.  Our system will track completion, implementation and future revision of these documents so that you can demonstrate compliance. We provide you with model policies and procedures which are then tailored for your unique environment.

Compliance Forms Library

A complete online library of compliance forms including, but not limited to, model Business Associate Agreements, checklists, employee exit clearance forms, facilities visitor access logs, hardware and electronic media tracking forms, IT surveillance requests, mobile working agreements, security incident and privacy breach response reports, worker confidentiality agreements, and more.

Unwavering Support

We are more than just a provider of industry leading cloud-based software.  Whether you choose to implement our systematic compliance systems on your own or with our assistance, we are here for you both now and later should a problem arise.

Get a FREE Risk Assessment Today!

In 20 Minutes Or Less We Will Provide A Free Compliance Evaluation Report!

If you want immediate feedback about your current level of compliance and our help in identifying areas of low, medium and high risk within your organization, click through below and spend a few minutes with our FREE Risk Assessment tool.  You will be provided with immediate access to your Compliance Evaluation Report that identifies specific areas where your focused attention may be required.  And don’t worry because we are here to answer your questions and provide you with the assistance that you might need.

Our HIPAA Privacy Security Compliance Consulting Go Beyond Basic Services

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Compliance Dashboard

All of our services rely upon our industry leading compliance dashboard, a cloud-based software service that automates much of the compliance process.  It provides a systematic approach that ensures nothing is forgotten or overlooked both now and over time.  Whether it is implementing the right policies and procedures within your organization, automatically pushing training out to your employees and tracking their training history, or automatically issuing updated BAA’s to your vendors and tracking each to ensure that a signed agreement is on file in our secure on-line document repository, our system tracks all of it so that you can relax with the knowledge that your practice or business is compliant, safe and secure.

Consulting Services

Not just a software company, we work with a team of subject matter experts to ensure that we remain current with ever-changing requirements, technology, and threats.  Our goal is to assist you in your business or practice to help you remain aware and implement best practices.  We are here to answer your questions, provide “hands-on” assistance, and support you in any manner necessary.  Once you become our client, we never take your trust for granted.